Artwork by Audrey Kantrowitz

Artwork by Audrey Kantrowitz – Audrey Kantrowitz was born in the New Haven, Connecticut. A prominent city made famous by the Peabody Museum and Yale University.

Though parents, Seth and Patricia Kantrowitz, were overjoyed at her birth, she remained their only child.

Audrey’s childhood home was small and modest with a backyard that overlooked downtown New Haven.

While still young, Audrey showed a powerful interest in art and drawing. The first time she ran out of drawing paper, she burst into tears. Her parents bought printer paper even before they had a computer.

School is tough for most children, Audrey was no exception. She had few friends and preferred to be alone. Mathematics would be a constant difficulty for her.

Along with academic struggles, it was difficult for Audrey to process multiple auditory information.

Teachers were concerned for the quiet girl but intrigued by her artistic ability.

Nevertheless, she was referred to a specialist. A doctor performed a myriad of tests.

The diagnosis was Central Auditory Processing

Leaving New Haven would be something Audrey could never accept. By 1993, it was decided the Kantrowitz family was to move.

Audrey’s parents wished to leave the urban setting for Guilford.

A small rural town only half an hour away. Audrey hated the idea of moving.

The culture shock of the sleepy suburban town was jarring.

Having grown up in the diverse, multicultural environment of her old school, she now was forced to conform to the bland, monochromatic student body.

If it wasn’t for Katherine Roberts, a British immigrant, Audrey would’ve remained isolated in her new home.

Audrey suffered her first panic attack at age 12. It would be the first of many.

Fueled by her disorder, loneliness and frustration, her mind became a ticking time bomb.

She was periodically sent home from school due to her breakdowns.

To say that she was interested, would be a monumental understatement.

Now, as FoJCM Artist in Residence, she is responsible for the delightful illustrations you find on many pages.

Due to her passionate interest and extensive knowledge of Joseph’s life, she has also happily accepted the post of Historian & Archivist, for both the Tribute and Foundation web sites.

Thanks you very much Audrey.
Jeanette Sitton, Founder, Friends of Joseph Carey Merrick (FofJCM),

During her years of Middle School, Audrey found inspiration. While still on Christmas vacation, she happened upon a documentary titled “Would you Believe It?” It was through this that she became aquainted with Joseph Merrick.

Her fascination in the strange and unusual had been fanned into a flame.

She quite simply had to know everything about Joseph and over the years she acquired numerous books, videos and memorabilia devoted to him.

Joseph became her artistic muse. Devoting many paintings and illustrations to his image.

Along with her interest in Joseph Merrick, Audrey found fascination in people like him.

Sideshow performers including Tom Thumb, Chang and Eng Bunker, and Julia Pastrana became her heroes.

By seventeen, Audrey finally realized her goal. To return to London. Having taken a trip to the U.K. during sophomore year, she was infatuated with the city.

But at only fifteen and with four family members in tow, she was unable to see what she really wanted.

To view the London Hospital. The final home of her mentor.

Never the less, Audrey’s intellectual passion was turned on.

A great lover of museums and history, our Miss Kantrowitz adored every minute she was there.

Audrey is now out of school. She was unsuccessful in College and decided to simply be an artist and writer.

She is currently working on a graphic novel about the life of Joseph Merrick and hopes to get it published.

Along with the hopeful comic-book tome, Audrey continues her work with drawing, painting and photography.

She wishes to thank The Joseph Carey Merrick Tribute Website for giving her art an audience and purpose.…