Joseph Carey Merrick

Joseph Carey Merrick

Joseph Carey Merrick – Most people who are aware of Joseph Merrick’s existance, first heard of him by watching David Lynch’s film, ‘the Elephant Man’ (1980).

Since then, there have been several stage productions by the same title and even an opera.
Joseph Merrick, ‘the Elephant Man was a 19th-century Englishman who suffered disfigurement from a still-incurable disease – which is believed to be Proteus Syndrome.

Though his physical and mental suffering was great, he remained courageous, cheerful, gentle and was never bitter.

Over a hundred years since his death, Joseph’s shining legacy continues.

Millions of people around the world – the disabled and able-bodied, have at some point been encouraged and have found strength in Joseph’s story.

Attitudes towards those with disabilities have changed immeasurably since Joseph’s days, but there is still so much room for improvement.

For example, lack of public amenities, such as access points, disabled toilets, pavement (sidewalk) ramps, etc.…